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A.J. Booker

Founder & Host

Honorary PhD in Para-Psychology and an aspiring Clinical Psychologist. Host and Founder of After Hours: Unexplained! Budding Author with a Dark Fantasy Trilogy in the works. Sometimes a Musician &  always an Entrepreneur.

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Ghost Stop Ghost Hunting Gear

Purveyor of Ghost Hunting Equipment & Affiliate.

GhostStop is the longest running and most highly recommended ghost hunting equipment store focused solely on investigation gear. There product range and knowledge is extensive and all you need to do is click the link below to go and check out a company we are proud to be affiliated with.

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Sneak Elite

A New Kind Of Energy &

Sneak Are on a Mission to inspire the world to create & we couldn't be more proud to be a customer and affiliate helping them in their mission. Go Check them out Just hit the button below to take you to their online store. You wont regret the clean energy boost you get.


Official - After Hours: Unexplained! 

Official Podcast

Since its inception in early 2021 After Hours has gone from strength to strength. Evolving from A.J.B:Demonology and Occults Consultants, a family run company helping those in need of research and identification as well as investigation into the paranormal and occult, to what you see before you today. An up-and-coming Podcast Available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and more to come. Hit the button below to Check out and follow the podcast.

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Black Insomnia Coffee Company

Purveyor of The Worlds Strongest Coffee & Affiliate

Game Changing Extreme Caffeine, Black Insomnia Coffee has been independently verified as the worlds strongest coffee with a staggering 1105mg per 12 Fl Oz cup. With deep rich scents of Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel & Macadamia this high performance Coffee will not disappoint. Use the Get in touch button below to head over to their site and get a great deal on your first order.

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Europe's Largest Music Warehouse & Best Service.

With nearly 70 years experience in the Music Store game Thomann has become one of the leading lights in the global music instrument sales market. With over 1700 staff and Europe's largest  warehouse you're guaranteed to find what you are looking for at great prices. And speaking as a customer, the customer service is second to none. Follow the link below to head over and grab your deals today.

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Bald & Bonkers Network LLC

Proud To Have These Great Guys Onboard.

"Bald and Bonkers Network started out as a passion project between Dakota Frandsen and Christopher Moule. Designed to connect with others involved in paranormal pursuits, the brotherly banter has since evolved into a multi-pronged media production and marketing company that defy all expectations in the chaos that is the 2020s."

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Our USA Master Gaming Expert Affiliates.

For our friends across the pond we are proud to announce our affiliate GIGATECH GAMING, with unbeatable bang-for-your-buck and awesome stock these pre-bulit or Custom built rigs are perfect for beginner to pro. If you are in the USA follow the link to check them out now!

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EMP has been provideing Alternative Clothing and Liscenced Band Merch since 1986. They also provide Games Music And all kinds of other awesome Merch to get your hands on. We are so stoked to be welcomed into the EMP familiy as we are so stoked to have them join ours. Head on over to the store now and get your merch today.