Ancient Mesopotamia & The Sumerian Civilization: The Cradle Of Civilized Mankind?


Hello again my friends. I hope that this months entry into the Unexplained annals of time finds you all well?

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So, on with today's Magical, Mysterious tour through one of, I have to say, arguably in some cases, influential Early Civilizations there has ever been.

That's right my fellow Unexplained Enthusiasts, if you haven't guessed by the title of this piece then I will reveal all now...

We are talking all things Ancient Sumerian....


It is no secret that I have a little bit of a soft spot for this topic. If you are kind enough to follow our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram you will see that these ancient pioneers are a regular fixture on our pages.

So, I hear you ask, "Why this ancient civilization?", "What is so special about them?"... Well apart from chronologically being one, if not the oldest known civilization on this planet there are the literally thousands of inventions and revelations that they uncovered some of which still are used to this very day.

Just for gits and shiggles... I shall now list you some of the inventions that first appeared in the ancient Sumerian civilization but were, in my opinion, criminally, attributed to others.


What did the Sumerians ever do for us?... (Thanks to our friends over at History for this little list of things! Referenced from the wonderful article written by, Patrick J. Kiger)

  1. Writing

  2. Mass-Produced Pottery

  3. The Chariot

  4. Hydraulic Engineering

  5. The Plow

  6. Textile and Fabric Mills

  7. Mass-Produced Bricks

  8. Metallurgy

  9. Mathematics

… along with a host of other amazing and innovative concepts chiefly amongst which should be mentioned the concept of a Sophisticated Structured Society, Law & Order and Arguably the prototype for all modern organised religions... I know, this could be considered quite the blasphemous or controversial statement but, it is my belief that there is certainly some validity in that statement which to be honest i am not going to get to today in this little piece as it is to vast a topic to tackle and do justice to in a blog post... If you are interested in my belief and would like to read about it and see me defend my claim then you will most definitely be in for a treat. Stay tuned to the end of this post for the some exciting and exclusive news.


Images Courtesy of Bing Image Search : (Top L-R)

  1. A map of the Ancient Sumerian and later Akkadian Empire in relation to other Ancient Civilizations of the World.

  2. A Clay Tablet Representation in Cuneiform Writing of The Ancient Sumerian World.

  3. A Stone Tablet depicting a religious relief carved.

  4. A temple known as a Ziggurat, The predecessor of the Egyptian pyramid.

  5. An Ancient Sumerian Sailing Vessel constructed of dried reeds.

  6. The Sumerian Plow.


One of the things that fascinates me the most when it comes to the Ancient Sumerian civilization is that its exact origins are unknown & therefore over the millennia since their eventual absorption into the modern world many theories to attempt to explain their existence have been suggested from Extra-terrestrial beings colonizing a small group of humanity and sharing their advancements with them in an act of benevolence which saw them treated as Gods to a group of adventurous Proto-Indo-Europeans striking out on their own and thriving, the answer is more than likely we will never really know...

But it sure as hell is fun to speculate isn't it...


One theory I have been throwing around in my own mind, is that of the connection between the Ancient Sumerian people and that of the Foundation of the Ancient Egyptians...

I have long held the belief that some form of cross cultural intermingling happened early on in the formation of the Ancient Egyptians and one theory is that the Ancient Sumerian upper echelons may have had some say in the predynastic rulers of Ancient Egypt... If not actually be the earliest Kings of Ancient Egypt and therefore ruled over Ancient Egypt as The Akkadian Empire slowly became The Babylonian Empire....

I mean it is an extremely interesting topic to theorise on, but alas, theorise and so on is all that they are...

What do you all think? I would love to hear what you guys and girls think.

lets start interacting on these blog posts, id love to start building a great quality of conversation.


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