Blog Post #01- In The Beginning.



In the words of a famous and influential general that has inspired a generation;

"Well hello there."

General & Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.

Welcome to the After Hours: Unexplained! Blog. This is where we can come before or after the show and discuss in more detail what the subject matter of the Podcast, up and coming episodes, collaborations and even share with you exciting new ventures and lots, lots more.

A few of you eagle eared people may in actual fact remember the first itteration of this idea many, many, many moons ago when we started off our journey as fresh faced A.J.B:Demonology & Occults...

Well in some respects that entity all though no longer running in name is actually the framework for what it is we are doing here today. This whole journey so far has been one of trial and error and discovery... Some parts have been sweet, some have been sour and some have been just down right awful but each moment has lead us here to now. To the entity you see before you today. So i feel blessed for every moment of the journey.

So i here you ask, "Why make this your first post here and why now?" They are both great questions, and i shall endevour to answer them both.

WHY! & NOW! - Well as you may have guessed we are in the final stages of launching the Podcast & the website. We have just got a few more tests to run and a few more legal i's to dot and t's to cross before we announce the official launch date. We are so excited to get that news and the date out to you soon.

WHY HERE - Well, as i mentioned in the beginning of this post. This is the place to find out all of the nitty gritty details that may not have been discussed during the 1hr run time of the show. I gfeel that it also adds a slightly more personal touch as well, due to the fact that i am sitting here typing this out now, talking to each and every one of you individually as well as a collective.

Another question i have been asked is "Why don't you have any social media pages yet?" In answer to this question. I am the last time i checked only one man. That means, therefore, i can only do so many things in a 24 hour day. To be quite honest, i personally am not a big fan of social media, in a sence that it often is misused and abused by a minority of individuals that aim to make life difficult for those in professions such as ours.

I can hear the arguments and the slanging matchs now. Oh it is all part and parcel of being in the lime light. Or, It is all part of the job discription... To some extent i agree, but as i mentioned before i am only one man, so why would i make things personally any more difficult than they already are?

If, in time the need should arise, then and only then will i consider the idea of starting social media accounts related to the show and the website.

Here is where the real exciting news comes in my friends... In this life it is very difficult to make it in this kind of business alone. So, it is always a great idea to forge strong alliances and professional relationships with others and other companies.

Here at After Hours: Unexplained HQ we are no different. We are thrilled and proud to announce that we have partnered with some amazing Brands and Affilates to bring you some truly heart stopping and awesome deals, products and services.

Our Partner Brands to which we are affilated with are:

  • Thomann Music.

  • Sneak Energy.

  • Black Insomnia Coffee.

  • GhostStop.

  • Amazon.

  • & More to be announced soon!!!



We are so proud to have been able to partner with these epic brands!!! You can find all of the information that you require from the affiliate links page on the website or if you are new here then firstly, welcome it is great to have you here. & secondly, subscribe to our website for all the latest details then head on over to the Affiliate links page and get your hands on some great deals today.

For all the information that you require, including some special, super secret members only stuff here is the link that you will need to gain access to all of these goodies:



I have really enjoyed our time together chatting this morning, i hope that you have too. I look forward to the next time we can sit down and have a coffee and a chat together. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the Website, Podcast & our brand new YouTube Channel all of the links to which can be found in the button above that says click me. Go on... Do it... Who doesn't love to push a big ol' button.

See you all next time folks for another Blog post Installment. Have a great Morning, Afternoon or Evening.

A.J_ Unexplained!

Founder & Host.

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