Blog Post #1.5 - An Update...

Hello again my friends and fellow unexplained enthusiasts. I hope that you're all as well as can be and ever curious.

I just wanted to give you all a little bit of an update regarding the progress that we are making here in the Podcast and website world.

It has been a long old road to get to where we are today and boy, oh, boy we are so close to the big day we can almost touch it.

As you may have seen we have got a brand-new host on the show, I am thrilled and proud to announce that my Wife, Lover, Best Friend and Partner in Crime "Barbie" has agreed to co-host the show with me making this a truly family run enterprise.

The first topic has also been chosen and boy are we planning to start our show off with a big bang!

Stay tuned for more info regarding the show as and when it becomes available. There are some cracking announcements to come soon.


Have you checked out the latest update on the website? If not... You really should, we have been working really hard to get the site looking tip top notch for you & bring you all the information that you may require about the show, Its hosts and much, much more.

If you have already checked out the site & subscribed, we just would like to say a massive thank you to each and every one of you. We truly appreciate the love and support that you gave & continue to give to us all here as we have progressed through our journey here.



Something that i would love to share with you all, and that we here at the show think is really cool & that is our ever-growing affiliate & partnership page. The response we have had to setting up great partnerships, sponsorships and ambassadorships with the show has been massive and we couldn't be prouder of the team and the selection of companies, people and products that we have chosen or been accepted on.

Below i will include a gallery of all of the Affiliate and partner companies that we have at the moment and believe me you will not find a better group, a more varied group for every walk of life and every need that you can think of.

Our aim is to set up a dedicated Hot Deals page with links to hand-picked deals that we love and have even taken advantage of ourselves where applicable. So, without further ado. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the After Hours: Unexplained Affiliate and Partnership teams.



From Left to Right & Top TO Bottom:

  1. Thomann Music.

  2. GhostStop.

  3. Sneak Energy.

  4. Black Insomnia Coffee.

  5. StormForce Gaming.

  6. EMP UK.


  8. Bald & Bonkers Network LLC.

  9. Get Nourished & Nourished Kids.


  11. SHINE Health CA.

  12. Custom Controllers UK.

  13. Britannia Hotels UK.

  14. & More To Be Announced.


As you can see, it is developing into quite the little network of contacts... & Just think of the deals that we can provide you guys out there.

Thanks for join me today on this little update. Come along and subscribe to all of our social media accounts and don't forget to subscribe and become a member of our official website for more exclusive and limited-edition news and goodies.

See you all soon for a new and exciting Blog Update.

Have a great Day/Afternoon/Evening where ever you may be & do not forget we are always looking out for you.


Founder & Host.

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