Do You BELIEVE?!?: Part 1

Well, hello there again my fellow unexplained enthusiasts. I do hope that your start to this new month has been a fun, happy, healthy and productive one.

Things are chugging along quite nicely here at After Hours HQ and we are gearing up for the final push to the big show launch coming in June from The Beautiful Country Of Canada. I do hope that you are able to join us for the show as it promises to be a great one and not to be missed.

As you may or may not have guessed, by the title of todays post we will be talking about one of the most fascinating and definitely thought provoking topics of the unexplained and that is Extra-terrestrials. That's right, Aliens...


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Giorgio A. Tsoukalos - Cast member of Ancient Aliens On History Channel.)


In all seriousness and meme-ary aside. I am seriously asking you all the question... "Do you believe in extra-terrestrial beings?

I know, I know, but before you switch off, or disregard this post as just another crackpot jumping on a subject train that has been rapidly gaining popularity in modern social life just hear me out.

The reason i bring this up is that about a week ago I began to think about my mortality, what happens next and my place in the vast expanse which we call the universe...

It seems so dark and foreboding, so empty, so mysterious that it is almost criminal that we here at after hours unexplained are only just exploring this side of the universe, pardon the pun, now.


So, where and why do we begin this topic. The why I have actually just mentioned and where, well, here on this bright, beautiful, blue marble we call home seems as good as place as any to start this truly intriguing jaunt into the unexplained.

Life on Earth has always been fascinated by the stars and other celestial bodies. From the ancient civilizations of the planet we inhabit all the way to people today.

For the purposes of time, and yours and my eyesight id like to focus mainly on ancient civilizations and their love for the world beyond our own. as trying to condense tens of thousands of years into a blog post would be, and epic achievement, however would not get may reads so we will stick with a brief look into the world of the Ancient Unexplained as I see it.


This ties in with the last blog post quite nicely actually... One of the first peoples of this world, the Ancient Assyro-Babylonians from Ancient Mesopotamia, (and home of one of my favourite civilizations the Sumerians), are thought to be one of the first, if not the first peoples of the world to accurately plot the course of stars and to base religious figures and entities on celestial bodies observed in the night skies. This is thought to have occurred in approximately 1000 BCE.

This images if of a clay circular tablet which is 5100 years old and is said to be the locations of specific celestial bodies within the night sky. Beautiful isn't it. Even as an historical artefact it is a beautiful thing to behold, however, it poses a vast number of questions to do with the beliefs of ancient peoples... Did they believe? Were they in contact with beings from other worlds? How were they so accurate even by modern standards?

I mean, goodness knows there will be people amongst us reading this now who are shouting at the screen they are reading this from saying things such as "What are you talking about." "How can you even make that connection?", "These people were completely wrong though..."...

The list of doubt and neigh saying is literally endless, however, I would humbly ask you all to keep an open mind.

I mean, great discoveries came only as a result of others thinking in a different fashion to those who conformed to beliefs at the time."


One answer I have for those who doubt the accuracy and validity of artefacts and reproductions of artefacts is that simply, maybe we are wrong. A hard thing to do with academic reputations on the line and egos getting in the way. But, to put it simply, maybe we are wrong about it all.

Granted, that is a slightly more extreme view point that will undoubtedly garner a lot of distaste and mud flinging however, to truly be as unbiased as possible it must be considered. Unless we happened to be there at the creation of one of these maps, as mentioned 5100 years ago we simply are guessing as to the origin, the meaning and the purpose of the artefact and guessing at how and who it was crafted by.

One thing I have found whilst considering these kinds of questions is that to understand the great works of the civilization, firstly we would have to understand the mindset of said civilizations and the mindset of the creators of these works and in essence, play detective, remembering that your education can help you pass an exam created by modern day "experts" who wrote it but can give you no more than a theoretical knowledge no greater than the paper it is written on. Any way, I digress. We shall return to that point another time.

I am not here to debate the finer points of academic practice with you all, we ar here for the Unexplained and lets not forget. The Aliens...


The Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization chronologically may have been one of the first peoples who looked up (or came from) the skies above but other civilizations followed suit... Here is a list of my favourite Top 8 Stargazing Civilizations:

  1. Ancient Assyro-Babylonian (Mesopotamian)

  2. Ancient Egyptian Civilization

  3. Ancient Greece

  4. Ancient Rome

  5. Ancient Chinese Empire

  6. Ancient Mesoamerican Empires

  7. Ancient Indian Empire

  8. Ancient Persian Empire

All of these Civilizations are ancient in nature and believe it or not spent a large part of there time looking to the skies above and beyond.

Ancient Astrologers and there disciples mapped and charted the skies, stars and celestial movements and as a consequence, religions formed and shaped the destiny of these great civilizations for thousands upon thousands of years to come.

Some of the greatest Pre-classical and Classical era discoveries and monuments were created as a direct discovery of celestial knowledge from unknown sources. When i say unknown I mean without the aid of human eye and telescope of course.

So, the question or questions more accurately Rise/Arises again... "Did The Ancient Civilizations Of Planet Earth Come Into Contact With Ancient Advanced Beings?" & "Did That Help Guide Their Civilizations, Religions, Advances In Technologies ETC?"


Whilst an academic may question the validity of what i am about to say and liken it to nothing more than speculative dross create to sell subscriptions I am going to forge on in spite of this...

It is my opinion that I would be a callous and arrogant individual if I were to believe that Humanity is the only sentient life in the entire universe.

Life must exist somewhere out in the final frontiers of space and to be fair it is only a matter of time before we discover or as I believe re-discover what, who our ancestors may have come into contact with.

Religion itself, is a pretty good indicator that humanity may have actually been guided from beings beyond our earthly borders... Most mainstream religions subscribe to a father figure who guides his celestial children to aid in the development of a species which he created in a hope to benevolently grant everlasting life.

I mean to be fair their are subtle differences and beliefs but the core concept is similar... Could this be worth investigating as potential evidence of beings from the unknown shaping humanity? I don't really have a clue to be perfectly honest with you all but it is most definitly fun to speculate isn't it....



Well, I think that we shall leave this here for one day and return for Part:2 later on in the month of may.

I hope that you have enjoyed this little post as much as i have enjoyed sharing my thoughts with you. I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Until next time my fellow unexplained Explorers.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay Curious....

Oh and for all you Star Wars Fans out there: May The 4th Be With You! (Happy Star Wars Day)

A.J. Unexplained.

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