The Wonders Of Our World & Beyond: It's All Greek To Me!

For years I have been fascinated by all things woderous and mysterious about the big blue marble that we call home.

The ability for a seemingly ancient civilizations & their Origins, Cultures, beliefs and so on to keep us guessing, to keep a modern people intrigued is truly wonderous to us.

These blog posts are ways of sharing with everyone what i and the team have discovered, and hoping to discover and reporting it all to you for your reading & occaisonally viewing pleasure.

Today's post is slightly different in its composition as I intend to highlight and detail a few of my favourite myths from a truly spectacular time of God, Myths, Monsters and Wars.

It is no secret amongst our community that i am addicted to hunting down ancient civilizations and their legends, the things they used to tell their children to put a little fear into them or tales of creatures they truly feared, it really is a passion of mine.

So I thought we would start with the Tales from and surrounding Ancient Greece, the tales that I love and would love to share with you. Its going to be presented in a form of a Top 3 list so you dont get bored haha.

So without further ado lets get this show on the road.


Various Artistic representations of Medusa in bronze & Marble. Images Courtesy of Microsoft Bing Search.


  1. The Legend Of Medusa: This is a great place to start. Shrouded in so much mystery, Treachery, deciet like all good myths and legends, it is truly worthy of an epic. There are many tales as to the origins of Medusa, her apperance and what she represented. We are all familiar with the tale of Perseus and him beheading the evil medusa surviving her gaze through his cunning and a little help from a reflection of a Goddess' shield. To, one of three Gorgon sisters born a mortal to the Goddess of the Sea and a Titan whose face and hair were of a beauty that could only be rivaled by the gods themselves. But was she the "baddie" the story tellers of old made her out to be? Or was she a victim of aeons of slander & fake news...?One of the more intriguing stories that i have heard throughout the years I wish to share with you now. The story began many years before Perseus, with a young woman who was a beauty and a devout follower of the Goddess Athena. Her beauty was a sight to behold, so much so this young maiden drew the attention the God Poseidon who is said to have had his way with her and left her pregnant at the steps of the temple of Athena. So enraged at her follower she is said to have turned her into a monsterous, hideous creature with venomous snakes for hair and razor sharp teeth, not only that, but a gaze that, if anyone would meet it, would be turned into stone for all of time. Sheesh, don't piss off Athena, am i right? Truly leavening the Gorgon alone to go mad. Well until the hero Perseus beheaded her using, get this... Athena's shiney sheild to beat her gaze. Jeez, for the goddess of Wisdom she sure held damn grudge. Can anyone really blame Medusa for turning out the way that she did in the end in this version of the legend? Needless to say that in all aspects this truly is one tragedy worthy of a Greecian Epic.


Depictions in Marble Of Selene, Artemis & Apollo. Images Courtesy of Microsoft Bing Search.

2. The Legend Of Selene Goddess Of The Moon: Now, this tale is and isn't restricted to Ancient Greek mythology, as it contains Selene, Thought to be a minor deity in the Ancient Greecian Pantheon who was later replaced by Artimes In later Mythology, but nevertheless contains a rather intriguing story of love, betrayal and the creation of an entire genre of modern Books, Songs, Movies & even Lifestyles...

As mentioned above it is thought that Selene was a Minor Deity in the Ancient Greecian Pantheon whose lot was infact to be replaced in later myhtologies by Artimes Goddess of The wild hunt and the Moon, Sister of Apollo God Of the Sun and Much more, to much to go into actually.

Before Selene was exhalted into the Legendary Olympian Pantheon of Deities it is believed by mythology and poets alike that Selene was a a simple women, A women who was a maiden at the temple of Apollo in Delphi, where it is said that her sister was the Oracle (well at least one of them) although it is safe to say that this is only a legend, passed down through generations and should be taken as such my friends. Here is where the story gets interesting. Enter a rather dashing Italian explorer named Ambrogio, who it was said was in search of The legendary Oracles Of Delphi. Cut a long story very short. Ambrogio was said to have fallen head over heels in love with Selene and she reciprocated declaring him her one true love. Needless to say this got up the nose of one Apollo God of the Sun and upon seeing Ambrogio and Selene flee to start a new life together cursed Ambrogio and made it so that the Sun light burned his skin to dust and he would die in the light. Taking pity on the couple Artimes, Apollo's sister and Goddess of the Hunt she gave the pair shelter in the woods of Ephesus. After some trickery involving Hades God of the underworld it transpires that Ambrogio for theivery was later cursed by Artimes to never age and to need to consume the blood of the living to insure his exile. After years of living on the run from the preverbial pantheon that they had pissed off over the course of their existences, Selene grew sick and died after Ambrogio trying to save her life by drinking her blood. Heart Broken & alone Artimes again took pity on the pair by giving Selene one final gift. The ability to be with her love for all eternity as The Goddess of The Moon or Moonlight. Now isn't that a dark, romantic, beautiful & sad tale worthy of inclusion on this list.

Some say, myself Included, that this is indeed the very first explaination, or origin story of The Vampire. Dun,Dun,Dunnnnnn!!!!


3. Hades: God, Deceiver, Brother, Destination & Harvester Of Souls?

As with any Ancient Greecian Myth/Legend, there are so many different interpretations of similiar stories, confused stories and down right falsities. I am not here to try to dispel, confirm or deny any of such stories but, here to share with you my views and opinions.

Now, why for my third and final pick today did i chose Hades? Because my friends there seems to be a lot of confusion around just what or who Hades actually is or may be. So much so that i found it just to compelling not to add this as my final pick for today.

Let us start with what we do know. Hades is the fourth child of the Titan Cronus & Rhea. He is said to have been the first of three brothers the others being Zeus & Poseidon. He and his siblings fought a long war with his father Cronus the Titan of Eternal Time and ended up being Consumed by him along with his brothers. Hades was the last to be rescued after Zeus and his other siblings escaped. After many decades of bloody and brutal war the young Olympian Gods were victorious and cast their father and the other Titans down into the eternal prison known as Tartarus (Tartaros). Then the brothers drew lots to see which kingdoms they were going to rule over. There is some interpretations where Zeus rigged the ballot and tricked Hades but that story is for another day.

Hades drew the Underworld, Zeus to rule as king of the Gods of Olympus and Poseidon the Oceans.

In contemporary literiture The Greeks didn't refer to Hades The God as such he was actually referred to as Plouton, sometimes he was depicted with a two prongued fork that was based off of Poseidon's trident and in other depictions he was carrying a Horn of plenty or Cornucopia. Funny that isn't it Plouton and his Roman Counterpart Pluto?

Hades, to the Ancient Greeks was also referred to as the Other Zeus, The infernal Zeus the attractor of man and so on the list is actually endless. Hades was the ruler of the dead his name probably meaning the unseen one. He ruled over the God Of The Dead Thanatos, Hades was not the God Of Death as so commonly reffered to in modern accounts. There are very few myths regarding the Personification of Hades, Most notably the abduction of Persephone daughter of Demeter and the Above mentioned cameo he makes in Pick number 2 on this list. Hades is akin to it's Christian counterpart Hell being place of grim desolation and land of the unrighteous dead. The entrance of which is guarded by Cerberus The three headed demonic hound of Hades another popular figure in this mythological world.

Confusing isn't it. A fun fact for you in closing this segment is that In the original texts of the Greek Orthodox Bible Hades is mentioned not once but ten seperate times. Albeit that it is translated as 'Hell'.


I think it is easy to see why I find this topic so damn fascinating, so many points of interest, so many different avenues you could be taken down.

So many rabbit holes too... The possibilities are truly endless when exploring these topics.

I hope that you have enjoyed our time together today and that you have found the post beneficial and somewhat entertaining.

If you would like to hear anymore regarding anything that we have taled about today then please feel free to comment below and let me know.

All that remains for me to do now is say thank you again to each and everyone of you out there who has joined me today, do not forget to like and subscribe to the website, why not even think about becoming a member and get more involved in the community.

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Have a great day my fellow Unexplained! Enthusiasts.

A.J. Booker

Founder/Host & Paranormal Professor.

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