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Latest Publications From A.J. Booker

A.J. Booker for over a year now has dedicated most of his spare time to writing Bite-Sized non fictional works that he is proud to present to you here today. Want to get your hands on a copy then follow the links to the individual stores and pick up your copy of his work today.

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What Did The Ancient Sumerians Ever Do For Us?


A brief anecdotal glimpse into ta civilization that continues to fascinate A.J. and he hopes this work will go some way as an homage to these truly advanced and influential People.

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Demonic Possessions 101: Part 1


The Starting point for any aspiring Demonologist is to know what he is facing. In this introductory book we are going to take a look at the dark and intriguing world of Demonic Possessions.

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A Brief History Of The Origins Of The Demonic And The Term Demon.


An interpretation of the origins of the demonic and the term demon. An introduction to the Professors view point and a presentation of events as he sees them.